Artist Statement

The passing of time…the perpetual calendar. The certainty of change is the narrative thread embedded in my imagery and process. I chose architectural remnants, music, art-both ancient and modern-as the subjects for my message. The message is defined throughout our lives and history. We build, we make, we tear down, we start over.

This timeline of change is just as constant for civilizations as it is for individuals. This cycle of movement ranging from grandeur to tragedy will eventually evolve into preciousness. A ruin will transform into an exquisite monument of inspiring texture, color and patina, leaving behind its shadows of chaos. A musical score may recall a battle or patriotism that evolves into a mantra. An artistic process that begins as a means of survival transforms into mark making such as graffiti.

My artistic process follows this same cyclic path. I build layers with gesso, pumice, garnet stones, wax and marble dust. I glaze, incise, sculpt these layers to reveal and allow the content to transcend representation. I work with the passing of time. I accept the challenges of change in my work without a struggle, understanding that it is the making of this timeline that defines our individuality.




Bachelor of Fine Arts, Magna Cum Laude University of Cincinnati                                                                                                                                         

Associate Degree of Business: Interior Design   Delta College   University Center, Michigan                                                                                                 

Selected Exhibitions

 2015 Square Foot: Art Basel Edition at Projects Gallery Miami, Fla Natura Series: Acrylic

 2015 The Pink: Invitational Midland Center for the Arts Curator: B. B. Winslow  Couture Series: Acrylic

 2015 ArtPrize 2015 106 Gallery: Calvin College "Weighing the Landscape" Curator: Joel Zwart  Athena’s Domain: Acrylic

 2015 Cabaret: Center Stage, Collaboration with Director: Keeley Stacey-Bohn Midland, MI  The Book and The Broomstick: Experimental Drawing

 2014 Mostra Internazionale Di Pittura: Matera, Italy Curator:  Pino Nicoletti  Agate and Mica Series: Acrylic

 2014 ArtPrize 2014Cathedral Square, Grand Rapids "HeArtbeat: The Pulse of Art and Life"   Curator: Elizabeth Hertl Ruins March Forward: Athena’s Timeline Series: Acrylic

 2014 Northwood Gallery: Midland, MI One Person Exhibition MidCentury  Curator:  Dr. Mia Dvornic

 2014 Studio 23 Two Person Exhibition "Extreme Expressionists" with Glass Artist Mary Ellen Graham

 2014 Art in Motion-Chicago Juror: James Rondeau, Curator of Contemporary Art at Chicago Art Institute Finalist: Volt Series Honorable Mention Award

 2013 ArtPrize Venue: Fifth Third Plaza Grand Rapids, MI  Gravity Series: Encaustic Monotype

 2013 Greater Michigan Exhibition Juror: Sergio De Giusti Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art  Architectura Series: Encaustic Monotype

 2013 85th Regional Exhibition Juror: Doug Stapleton Muskegon Art Museum  Taiko Series: Acrylic

 2013 Open Competition Alfred Berkowitz GalleryJuror: Mary Ellen Graham Dearborn, MI  Merit Award: Gravity Series: Encaustic Monotype

 2013 ArtFutura-Chicago Juror: James Rondeau, Curator of Contemporary Art at Chicago Art Institute Finalist: Gravity Series: Encaustic Monotype

 2012 ArtPrize Venue:  Cathedral Square Grand Rapids, MI Curator:  Ron Pederson  Lithos: Acrylic

 2012 Michigan Fine Arts Competition Juror: Mi-Kyoung Lee Detroit, MI  Fifth Street Jazz: Acrylic

 2012 One Person Exhibit St. Cecilia Music Center Grand Rapids, MI

 2011 100 Grand Show Nice Gallery Grand Rapids, MI

 2011 ArtPrizeVenue:  St. Cecilia Music Center Grand Rapids, MI  Composer’s Campaign: Taiko

 2010 ArtPrize Venue:  Cathedral Square Grand Rapids, MI Curator: Ron Pederson Athena’s Timeline Series:Illumination

 2010 One Person Exhibit   Space Studio Midland, MI

 2009 ArtPrize Venue: Amway Grand Grand Rapids, MI  Composer’s Campaign: Scintillation

 2009 Michigan Governor’s Residence-Selection of Work for 2009 Curator: B. B. Winslow Lansing, MI

 2009 "Crossroads"-Two Person Exhibition Northwood Gallery Curator:  Dr. Mia Dvornic Midland, MI

 2009 "From Margin to Center" Invitational (4 Mixed Media Artists) Curator:  Anne Goerchner Central Michigan University

 2007 Greater Michigan Fine Arts Exhibition-Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art Curator: Karl Umlauff Midland,MI  Award of Merit: Raven-Mixed Media

 2007 Buckham Gallery in Flint, MI: Heart Rate Invitational Exhibition

2006 Best of Michigan Artists, Kennedy Publications.  First Place Mixed Media

 2005 Greater Michigan Fine Arts Exhibition-Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art Midland, MI One Person Exhibition Award

 2004 The Municipal Art League of Chicago Biennial-Midwest Fine Art Competition Beverly Arts Center Chicago, IL  Kamini Evening: Acrylic

 2004 Exhibition at Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art Midland, MI Tuscan Memories: Collograph

 2004 Art in Public Places Mural Commission:  YWCA Bay County Bay City, MI

 2004 63RD Annual National Exhibition of Watercolor Society of Alabama Birmingham,  AL Strathmore Artist Award: Catignano IIAcrylic

 2004 Michigan Fine Arts Competition Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center Birmingham, MI  India and Pendulum: Drawings

 2004 Two Person Show “Two Into”  Saginaw Valley State University Curator:  David Littell    Saginaw, MI

 2004 Great Lakes Drawing Biennial   Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, MI

 2003 F. Kline Gallery National Juried Drawing Competition   Santa Fe, New Mexico

 2003 General Motors Michigan Annual XXXI   Mount Clemens, MI

 2002 Studio 23All Area Bay City, MI  Second Prize: Delta Art Award: Remnant of Siena Collage